Custom Gear for hopheads and homebrewers

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Customer Service

We specialize in serving homebrewers and very small breweries.  From time to time, especially with larger orders, it's possible that our stock of a certain color of bottle cap may be depleted, causing a delay until stock arrives.  When our holds are low, fresh stock is usually already on its way to us, so delays have been rare and generally minimal.

We can't accept returns on engraved items for obvious reasons.  We will, however, make an effort to replace any item that is incorrect or otherwise defective.  Just contact us and let us know of the mistake.

If you're not happy, don't sit and stew about it - let us know!  We wouldn't make it long if we made a habit of displeasing customers.  We'd like the opportunity to make you like us.  Use our contact page and let us know what wasn't right.