Custom Gear for hopheads and homebrewers

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Black areas of your image correspond to areas that will be lasered away.

  1. Black-and-White Images Only.  Keep in mind that we use a high powered computer controlled laser to etch your image.  Color can't be reproduced by our process.  Grayscale images can also be bad news.  We'll do our best to fix any image you send to us, but we don't guarantee it'll look like you expected.
  2. Limit Fine Details.  Especially on bottlecaps, it's easy to lose sight of the size of the actual product you're designing for.  Use some of our template designs as a guide for how fine of details to include in your graphic.
  3. No Copywrite Protected Content.   If you don't own it or have permission to use it, don't use it here, mm'kay?
  4. No Objectionable Content.  We'll cancel your order if you submit something that looks like that nasty kid from your middle school made it.  No derogatory, demeaning, profane or otherwise uncouth wordage.  Keep it classy, people.


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